April 15, 2001
Little Easter Memory



i hated my hair! i hated my dress! i was an idiot!
~ Easter 1968 ~

I'm eleven years old in this picture; my brother Dickie is ten. Grandma Vert made my dress (I hated it) and brushed my hair back into a severe ponytail (I hated it) and stood us in front of the rose bushes for the annual Easter morning photo (I hated it).

(Come to think of it ... I wasn't all that crazy about my pesky younger brother right about then, either.)

Thirty-three years later, of course, I look at this photo and I think Grandma made that dress for me by hand. How special is that? 

I look at her roses and I think Geez, I grew up in a really beautiful place, didn't I? 

And I look at my little brother, standing there looking so spiffy and stylish, in one of Grandpa's bolo ties ... his hair slicked back with Vitalis  ... and I think I wonder where Richard is today, and how he's doing? 

Funny how you see things differently through the filter of time, isn't it?

(But I still hate my hair in this picture. Gack.)

Happy Easter, everybody!

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