April 13, 1999

I saw a great button the other day.  It said, "Yes I had a nice weekend/How was yours?/That's nice/Now leave me the hell alone."

Talk about living authentically.

I probably wouldn't go quite that far to avoid the icky-polite Monday morning chit-chatty stuff.  But the idea does have some merit.  Think about it. You proudly wear the highlights of your weekend, right there on your lapel for everyone to read -- "I cleaned my garage, barbecued Cornish game hens and watched the series premiere of 'The Family Guy'!" ... "I went for a bike ride around Crab Cove!" ... "I had excruciating menstrual cramps and spent the entire weekend wrapped around a heating pad, eating Pamprin like Smints!" -- thereby saving yourself and your co-workers precious time, energy and conversation molecules.

Only trouble is, my "button" yesterday would more likely have read something like:

"My weekend sucked! We spent most of it doing our TAXES! It rained, and the toilet is leaking again! The Castle is being overrun by ants -- on Saturday afternoon I actually scraped a dead ant off David's front TOOTH!  We ran out of ice cream and had to eat Jell-O! And on top of everything else, I worried morning, noon and night about my stupid WEBSITE!"

It's true. I worried about this website the entire weekend ... simply awash in guilt because I wasn't writing anything new.  I've even started dreaming about it. One dream was nothing but HTML coding. In another, I was sitting at my computer, frantically trying to compose a post, but when I looked at the keyboard all the letters were in some bizarre foreign heiroglyphics I'd never seen before. Doesn't exactly take Freud to analyze that one, does it?

What this tells me is ... it's time to take a break.

A break, mind you. A hiatus. A teeny-tiny *breather.* I've been doing this Internet journal stuff for a year now, more or less, and I'm ever-so-slightly burned out. I need a vacation. 

So -- for the next couple of weeks (until May 1st, unless I get itchy and bored or I actually have something interesting to write about)  -- I'm going to put the entire website on a back burner and concentrate on other things.

Real life, primarily ... which, I've come to realize lately, is not half-bad.

Computer-wise, I want to write some long gossipy e-mails, and mindlessly browse the Internet, and figure out how to use the scanner we bought four frigging weeks ago.

And -- for a couple of weeks, anyway -- I want to live life without having every little event turn into a journal entry in my head.

I'll be back. And maybe I'll send a postcard while I'm gone. Better yet: you send ME a postcard. 

I might even have the time to write back, for a change.



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