April 2, 2001
Comfortably Predictable


I suppose that one nice thing about *FootNotes* -- for the long-time readers (and my mom), anyway -- is its comforting predictability.

If my birthday is approaching, for instance, you know you're probably going to tune in and find me telling the 18th Birthday/Beach Boys Concert Story again. (Yet another story involving me vomiting on a Popular Guy in high school: a recurring *theme* in Young Secra's life.)

If it's the middle of summer, you're going to read the usual blathering complaints about heat rash and Bad Hair Weeks. If Christmas is coming up, I'm bemoaning my lack of "holiday spirit." If it's the anniversary of someoranother *Momentous Occasion* -- my sobriety birthday, say, or Bridge Day, or Running-Away Day, or the anniversary of the morning I had that incredible sour-cream-and-herb omelet at Dave's Cafe -- then you know you're going to be treated to 20 or 30 MB worth of "commemoration" ... complete with photos, back-links, groovy flashback segments, and a heartwarming conclusion that manages to neatly tie together key elements of my life today (sobriety, clean living, karmic integrity) with elements of my personal history (vomiting on people), in a way that almost makes sense.

(If it's somewhere around the 17th of the month or so, you know you're going to find me telling the whole world to fudk off and die. But that's another story for next week.)

these were the only two photos i was *allowed* to take this time

And if it's the day after one of the Tots has gone home, it's a pretty safe bet that you're going to tune into a major Boo-Hoo-Fest, already in progress.

Which is pretty much where we are today.

Jaymi flew home to TicTac last night, after a lovely, low-key three-day visit. Today I took the day off from work specifically to allow myself plenty of time to wallow in misery, lethargy and leftover Fritos. Taking a day off immediately after one of my children flies home has become as much a part of the whole Tot-Visit Experience as eating too much bad food, throwing away too much good money and spending too much time standing around Old Navy trying to look "casual" and "happy" and "not-bored-out-of-my-skull." In fact, I put in my vacation request the same day I made Jaymi's flight arrangements, more than a month ago. I was thinking ahead: I figured if I'm going to sit around listening to Clannad and weeping for an entire day, I might as well do it in the privacy of my own home this time.

(My co-workers don't mind listening to me blubber. But they hate the Clannad CD.)

I'll be back tomorrow with a more thorough account of her visit. Right now I have some serious moping and overeating to take care of.

But you knew that already.

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