*The Great 2,002 in 2002*
[or: "How I Stopped Falling Down
And Learned To Love The Toe Clips"]

~ By SecraTerri ~

Once upon a time there were two lumpy middle-aged newlyweds who decided to ride two thousand miles on their bicycles.

*He* was a California boy, an outdoor enthusiast, a lifelong cyclist. *She* was a transplanted Seattle girl who -- until she fell in love with *him* -- hadn't been on a bicycle since the Nixon Adminstration. Both were recovering alcoholics with limited amounts of free time, lung capacity and Spandex tolerance. The two of them had taken up riding together, the previous year, as a way to get in shape for their wedding. They were both so delighted with the results -- and with the sense of camaraderie and fun it added to their relationship -- that they kept riding, even after the 'I do's' had been exchanged.

And now they were going to ride 2,002 miles in 2002.

They weren't sure they could do it. They had no inkling of the obstacles they would face in the months ahead: flat tires, sprained ankles, headwinds, heatstroke, typhoons, bike thieves, ground squirrels, Good Morning People. Neither did they know that they were setting out on one of the Great Adventures of their lives ... that the *Oh Wow* Moments would vastly outweigh the *Oh Shidt* Moments ... and that somewhere along the way they would discover that it isn't the destination: it's the journey that matters.

[Plus a really good pizza, after the ride.]

Will they make it? Or won't they? Click here to join them on their journey!

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